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Streetz & Young Deuces contributes to one of the most overlooked areas in Hip-Hop today, THE MIDWEST.

Milwaukee is an often looked over city in Hip Hop but has played a strong roll in the development in Midwest Hip Hop Music. Producing such artist as Coo Coo Cal, Baby Drew, Rico Love and more. But one of the most electrifiying and hard working artist from the city is not one but yet a group, Streetz & Young Deuces.

In the past 3 years Streetz & Young Deuces has built and shaped a new, fresh style of hip hop music to the midwest and Milwaukee, WI. Bringing "Hip Hop" back to city rather than following the radio, in which so many artist from the city does, its no wonder they stand out in such a big way. Although they've gotten very little support from local radio stations, outside radio stations has jumped on to Streetz & Young Deuces sound and welcomed them in as a substantual force in Milwaukee.

The two blood cousins have been rapping for more than half of their life, Young Deuces coming from a traveling background and Streetz coming from exactly what his name states, their chemistry and work ethic together has stood amongst the best such as Outkast, Method Man & Redman etc. So what makes them so different? The fact that they are emcees and not rappers.

With the drop of their mixtape "We Want In Vol. 2" Hosted by arguably one of the midwest hottest djs, DJ G-Spot, they show that no matter what beat they can hold their weight with the best of them. Selling over 15,000 units independently through the streets and the internet, they show they can move units and put up numbers

Djs have also seen the potential, Streetz & Young Deuces has already got the support from DJ Coalitions such as the All Out All Stars, Bum Squad Djz, Hittmenn Djs, Def Djs, Shadyville Djs, Core Djs and The Bakery. Getting numerous slots on mixtapes from djs such as DJ Aspekt, DJ Heathen (CORE DJ), DJ Tony Neal (CORE DJ), DJ Watsman (THE BAKERY), DJ Kurupt, DJ Dub Floyd (ALLL OUT ALL STAR), DJ Stylz (KOCH ENT), DJ D Ceezy (HITTMENN DJ). DJ Sosa (SO SO DEF DJ) etc. Appearing on the DJ Stylz Gametime series, helped shape them into the mixtape demanded artist that they currently are. Streetz & Young Deuces basicallly is saying we will not be denied. And with their DJ, Core DJ, DJ Heathen they now have a full team and is ready to unleash classic midwest music upon the hip hop world.

Now even though they've gotten little support from the local radio stations other stations like WQHT Hot 97 of New York & So So Def Radio in Atlanta, has shown them support. The internet radio scene is filled with Streetz & Young Deuces songs and Satellite radio (SIRIUS Satellite Radio & XM) show Streetz & Young Deuces a huge number of support spinning their records as much as they can. Not to mention the Music Choice channel (Channnel 909) who keeps SNYD in mind for their up & coming unsigned show.

When Streetz & Young Deuces showed up in the June 06 issiue of "The Source (Magazine)" thats when the SNYD pandamonia started. More magazines wanted SNYD like Rago Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, Ozone Magazine, Rap Fanatics, One Mic Magazine etc. Soon after their magazine debut came the award for "Up & coming Artist of The Year" at the 2006 "Get Em Magazine Awards" and slot on the And1 DVD Series [And1 Vol. 9 : Area Codes] in which their hit song "So Fresh" produced by 800 appeared on. Also numerous interviews and reviews on major websites such as www.hiphopgame.com & www.AllHipHop.com. And their Sprint, Nextel & Boost Mobile ringtones with Nexxt Mobile.

Streetz & Young Deuces currently are co-founders of the independent ntertainment label, EMP Entertainment alongside with Garret "G.P." Pugh & Fred Black of Money Motivator Mgmt. The label consist of 6 Artist (Astro, P.Stacks, H2, T. Keyz & Streetz $ Young Deuces) & 2 Producers (Da Hardknoxx & T. Keyz). The label hasnt showcased any of the other emcees on a wide solo level yet but have been featured on a numerous amount of local projects and is currently preparing for the future.

With hit singles like "So Fresh", "Ugghh (This Gone Be Nasty)", "Sick Than Ya Average", "Getting That Cream", "Just Asking You", "Peter Pan" & "BlockStar" Streetz & Young Deuces show that they can make the songs that the radio, clubs and djs need. Streetz & Young Deuces would be a great assest to any record label being that the midwest is going strong with their artist today. In a few more years Streetz & Young Deuces will become a household name and prove that the midwest should never be slept on, and that Milwaukee is HIP-HOP.


Black Fred

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